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Meal Planning for Busy Moms

Learn how to feed your family healthy meals without stressing yourself out, while saving time, and saving money!


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Lesson 1: Meal Planning Methods

Learn which meal planning method is best for you: batch cooking, throw and go meals, freezer meals or monthly prepping- and 40 recipes to go with it! Plus, tips for how to do it week after week without stress!

Lesson 2: Nutrition 101

Carb. Protein. Fats? How are you supposed to balance this out?

What does "all natural" mean? Should you eat organic?

Lesson 3: Grocery Shopping & Kitchen Clean Out

What should you look for when shopping? How to check labels? What are some good “staples” to always have in your house?

Lesson 4: Meal Planning & Mommy Weight Loss Mistakes

Cheat meals, emotional eating, and more that could sabotage your own mommy health!

Lesson 5: Nutrition by the Ages

How much and of what, should your child be eating ages 0-5. Learn about serving sizes, portion sizes, protein, and sugar. Plus how to balance these!  What your kids should be eating, and no, it’s not the USDA guidelines (shocking, I know)!

Lesson 6: Family Feeding Tips:

Family meal times, short order cooks, snacking, getting kids involved (age appropriate tasks).

Lesson 7: Recipes & Meal Plans

4 full weeks of meal plans with over 40 family friendly recipes! No crazy ingredients, just healthy foods! Most recipes are naturally gluten free and lower in carbs!

PLUS a low sugar snack list for your kids!

Lesson 8 Special Nutrition Concerns:

Introducing Solids, Keto Eating for the Family & Food Allergy Substitutions

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"I feel like I have more information, more confidence, and therefore more power over my health and the food I eat. In the past I have felt powerless or confused when it came to making healthy choices, but now I have several very useful tools to help me make the best choices possible. "

Sarah L.

"Since taking the Meal Planning course, I have been much more organized. I have my meal plans and recipes all in one place. It has brought my husband and I a little closer because he is now getting involved in the meal planning process. Shopping is easier too because I know exactly what I need. Our grocery bill has been cut down a bit as well and we have less wasted food."

Sherry H.