Nutrition & Meal Planning for the Whole Family!

Learn how to feed your family healthy meals without stressing yourself out, while saving time, and saving money! Set your children up for success with healthy habits NOW!
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Receive handouts, guides, templates, meal plans and more in every lesson!

Lesson 1: Nutrition 101

Carb. Protein. Fats? How are you supposed to balance this out? How should we balance meals for our kids?

Learn how much and of what your kids ages 1-10 should be eating. Learn about serving sizes, portion sizes, protein needs, calcium needs, calories recommended, iron needs and what supplements are best for kids!


Lesson 2: Meal Planning Methods

Learn which meal planning method is best for you: batch cooking, throw and go meals, freezer meals or monthly prepping... and tips for how to do it week after week without stress!

You'll get 40 recipes & 3 sample meal plans as well! 

Lesson 3: Meal Time Battles

Research shows tremendous benefits when families eat meals together, but it's not always easy with busy schedules, fussy kids, and more. This lesson gives you practical tips to making meal time more enjoyable for everyone and less stressful for mama!

Lesson 4: Kids Lunches

Tips, tricks and examples for packing healthy lunches and creating a system to make lunch packing an easy task!

Lesson 5: Picky Eaters

Realistic, practical tips to help you with your picky eaters and how to prevent picky eaters in your littlest ones! *Most moms favorite lesson*

BONUS! 3 Batch Cooking Tutorials:

Receive 3 step-by-step tutorial videos, shopping lists, and recipes for preparing different freezer meals all at once! Great for pregnant moms preparing for baby, moms who want to build a freezer meal stash, and just busy moms looking to save time!

No crazy ingredients, just healthy foods! Most recipes are naturally gluten free and lower in carbs!



Enrollment is open until Wednesday May 15 only! Use code MOTHER2019 for 50% off!

"Being apart of the Mommy Feeding Family has truly enriched my family’s health and overhauled the way I think when it comes to meal planning. Ashley understands that as mom my time is so important, and she values that by offering quick and easy to digest information. I love that she shares pictures of her kids meals. It really inspires me when I get into a rut. Ashley is so helpful and knowledgeable. She is my go to for all my nutrition questions. "

Kassandra B.

"I feel like I have more information, more confidence, and therefore more power over my health and the food I eat. In the past I have felt powerless or confused when it came to making healthy choices, but now I have several very useful tools to help me make the best choices possible. "

Sarah L.

"I found Mommy Feeding Family at the most perfect time! I was struggling with my picky-eating toddler and had just given birth to my second child. Life was pretty chaotic as we were adjusting to being a family of 4! The information included in the program was not only easy to access and follow but immediately helpful as I learned better ways to help my toddler try new foods (and what/how much he really needed to be eating anyway). The simple strategies and tools for meal planning/prepping as well as a few new delicious recipes for freezer meals have made all the difference in helping me stay organized and prepared. I highly recommend this program to any and all Moms! "

Katie S.

"Since taking Ashley's course, I have been much more organized. I have my meal plans and recipes all in one place. It has brought my husband and I a little closer because he is now getting involved in the meal planning process. Shopping is easier too because I know exactly what I need. Our grocery bill has been cut down a bit as well and we have less wasted food."

Sherry H.