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Packing Lunch for Your Toddlers. Part 2.

healthy kids Jan 22, 2018

Incase you missed part 1, make sure to refer back to it! In this part 2, I'll share with you some examples of the lunches I've prepared for my girls! I personally use these containers from amazon because they are relatively inexpensive, I can buy them in bulk, dishwasher safe, they fit in their lunch boxes, it's okay if I throw them out, if they crack, etc. We don't heat them in the microwave, though they are BPA free. If something needs to be heated I put it in a separate container to be heated. 

Here are 12 examples of our lunches in pictures! Comment below if you find this helpful!

Leftover chicken & veggie stirfry, berries, nut/seed crackers, wholly guacamole packets.

Egg & spinach muffin, raisins, fruit, and canned green beans.

Frozen peas & carrots, organic cheese, baked chicken with ketchup, grapes & honeydew.

Shredded chicken, frozen peas & carrots, cucumbers, berries & wholly guacamole.

3 days worth for 2 kids.

Grilled chicken, organic cheese stick, blackberries, pickles & green beans.

Organic, nitrate-free ham, cheese, green beans, fruit.

Chopped meatballs (girls will eat cold), pickles, cheese stick, fruit, cucumbers. 

Pasta with ground turkey, lentil spaghetti noodles, green beans, raspberries, organic cheese stick. 

Organic turkey, cucumbers, cheese, seed mix, blueberries & strawberries. 

Applesauce pouch, coconut chicken tenders, ketchup, kiwi, beans and cheese slices. 

Pineapple, peas & carrots, rice cakes, leftover chicken & veggie stir fry.

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