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Leaky Gut

gut health Apr 26, 2017

Sounds pretty icky, right?! So what is leaky gut syndrome?  Is the gut actually leaking? Leaking what and where? Can it be stopped? 

Leaky gut syndrome has to do with the permeability of the intestines, which act as a barrier between the gut and the bloodstream.  Imagine the intestinal lining as a net.  In a person with a healthy gut, the holes of the net are extremely tiny and only allow certain particles into the bloodstream.  In a person with leaky gut syndrome, the holes of the net are much larger and allow particles to “leak” into bloodstream that do not belong there, such as bad bacteria, toxins, and undigested food.

These undesirable particles in the bloodstream may cause the following symptoms…

●      Bloating

●      Fatigue, brain fog

●      Gas

●      Food sensitivities

●      Unexplained skin irritations

Leaky gut syndrome is believed to be caused by bacterial imbalance, stress, infection, certain medications, and diet.  It may cause or worsen common conditions such as arthritis, asthma, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, crohn’s disease, and celiac disease. 

Your gut does a lot of good for you. What can YOU do for your gut?

6 Simple Ways to Begin Healing Your Gut

1) Avoid Processed Food

Limit foods high in sugar and inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy, highly processed vegetable oils, and gluten.

2) Plant Based Nutrition

Increase intake of vegetables and healthy fats from  avocado and nuts

3) Drink Bone broth

Incorporate 8-12 ounces of bone broth a day for a good source of healing collagen, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A three day bone broth fast can also give the digestive system a break and help heals the gut (a protocol in my Metabolism Makeover program).
Download my free bone broth guide (found on my homepage) for making your own and the research behind these recommendations.

4) Include Fermented Foods

Pickled vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi help replenish good bacteria in the gut (natural probiotics). Have a source of fermented food a few times a week.

 5) Eliminate Triggers

Do you have a feeling that dairy makes you bloated? An inkling that something just doesn't "sit right" with you? Well, your inkling may not be a full allergy, but it could very well be a food sensitivity. Eliminate those foods for a while because that bloating, gas, upset stomach, or other issues your experiencing are often making your leaky gut worse. Consider finding a Registered Dietitian to do MRT testing to identify your food sensitivities. Many foods high in FODMAPS are potential triggers.

6) Know the Side Effects

When taking prescription medicines, be sure to talk to your physician about any adverse side effects that may affect your gut health. Certain medications such as antibiotics, which are meant to kill bad bacteria in your body, may affect the good bacteria in your gut.


Little changes today could make a big difference on your health!  

Comment below with ONE thing you've suspected as being a potential trigger for you! For me, ONIONS are a big trigger!


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