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Best MCT Oil, Product Review

As you may or may not know, MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil has many health benefits. So much so that I've written a whole blog post on what it is, you can read the "What is MCT Oil" article here. I use MCT oil on days when I am following a pretty low carb eating plan. The reason being because they are a great source of fuel for the brain and the body!    

MCT Oil is tasteless and odorless, but it is great to use in your favorite Fat Bombs, “Bulletproof” coffee, etc. I personally use it for:

  • My morning coffee when I am internment fasting, just pouring about 1/2-1 Tablespoon
  • My favorite fat bomb recipes, like this this keto peppermint fat bombs
  • Homemade salad dressings

I’ve tried & tested out a few different brands over the last year and half (or so), since starting to incorporate MCT oil into my diet, and here are the reasons why I prefer the Sports Research Brand:

  • Organic, Non-GMO
  • Helps push off the hunger when intermittent fasting
  • Easy to use BPA-free plastic container (many MCT oil comes in glass bottles that are heavy, with wide mouth pourer and make for slippery messes sometimes)
  • Reasonable price and available via Amazon Prime (the only way to shop)
  • Tasteless & odorless
  • Local-ish to me in SoCal
  • Full disclosure of content/profile on packaging
  • Contact info for company if needed

Do you use MCT oil? Which brand do you prefer, and why? 

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