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5 Ways to Improve Your Kids' Gut Health

gut health healthy kids Jun 30, 2017

5 Way to Improve Your Kids Gut Health

Scroll down to watch one of my live videos from my Mommy Feeding Family group in which any mom can join for free! I shared 5 ways to improve your children's gut health!

I go in depth during the video, but the 5 ways include...

1. Reduce inflammatory foods in your kids diet. Sugars, processed cookies, candy, juice, inflammatory oils, etc.  

2. Get outside and stop sanitizing everything. Bacteria, good and bad, live everywhere, and exposure to all kinds are good for our gut microbiome. There is certainly a time and place for bleach, but every day hand sanitizer is not doing you any good.  

3. If pregnant or hoping to be pregnant, and you have a choice, research shows children born via vaginal vs c-section and children breastfed vs formula fed makes a big difference. I know this isn't always an option, and I'm not trying to cause any mommy guilt, because Lord knows we all get enough of that, simply stating the science. 

If that wasn’t an option for you or didn’t work out how you planned, all these other factors are amazing at helping your child at a young age with a healthy foundation. 

4. Limiting use of antibiotics.

5. Use of probiotics sparingly and naturally fermented foods regularly.  


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