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Ashley Sweeney

Registered Dietitian

Food & Nutrition Expert

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Snacks & Recipe Guide For Busy Moms

How can busy moms stay ahead of the game? Here's your solution: a quick guide with kitchen tips, healthy snacks, and done-ahead meals.. Plus join our free Mommy Community!

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Bone Broth Benefits & Homemade Recipes

Should you start including bone broth into your daily routine? Could it help you with your gut issues? Get this free guide on the benefits of bone broth & how to make your own!

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Mommy Feeding Family 2.0 Now Available

Are you struggling to understand what you should be feeding your family? How to do so without stressing yourself out? Want to transition to lower sugar/carb eating? 

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My Nutrition Philosophy


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Eating On The GO

The busy moms guide to feeding her family nutritiously!
You’ll get...

  • 35 nutritious snack ideas (that your kids will WANT to eat!)
  • 3 quick and easy freezer meals, so you’re never more than 20 minutes from a homemade meal
  • Tips for pulling this all together and creating a habit that you can stick to!